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The terms and conditions for vehicle rental follow below.

1.     Eligibility

1.1   Only persons of which photocopies of valid driving licenses and identity documents or passports have been provided to ResQ Rent A Car (hereinafter referred to as ResQ), are permitted to drive a rental vehicle. The client will ensure that nobody drives the rental vehicle that, to the best of his/her knowledge, has defective vision or hearing, has ever had an epileptic fit, or has any physical infirmity or disability or impairment that may adversely affect such person’s driving ability.

1.2   The minimum age requirement for car rental is 23 years.

1.3   A driving license must be held for a minimum of 5 years.

2.     General and Sundry Charges

2.1   A single contract fee of R 150 is applicable on initiation of all rentals, and a monthly administration fee of R 50 for rentals extending over a month.

2.2   Car rental rates include comprehensive insurance and V.A.T., and exclude Insurance cover for personal injury, luggage and personal property.

2.3   Car rental days comprise 24 hour periods from the time of receipt of a rental vehicle, with two hours grace on the returning day, and distance is measured from the point of collection to the point of return.

2.4   Unscheduled returns of car rental vehicles that require a collection service are subject to a 24 hour notification period. Impromptu (same day) collections, without the required advanced notification, are invoiced up to the following day.

2.5   Deliveries and collections of rented vehicles are charged at R 7.50 per km from the ResQ branch office, subject to a minimum of R 135 within the resident municipal area and -R 200 outside of the resident municipal area.

2.6   Petrol and oil consumption is not included in car rental rates. The client is responsible for fuel and top-up lubricants during the car rental period. Rental vehicles are fueled and refueled at the ResQ Rent A Car base. Refueling charges are charged to the client. For credit card payments, 5% is added to any refueling charges.

2.7   Road tolling fees are excluded from car rental rates. Road tolling charges are charged to the client. For credit card payments, 5% is added to any tolling charges.

2.8   Additional drivers of rental vehicles may be included at a charge of R 5 per day, subject to a minimum of R 150 per additional driver per car rental.

2.9   Baby seats are available at a charge of R 5 per day, subject to a minimum of R 150 per baby seat per car rental.

2.10 Valet charges of up to R 500 for 4 – 5 seater vehicles, and R 1000 for 7 – 10 seater vehicles are applicable for soiling of seats and interior.

2.11 The Client is responsible for traffic fines and toll fees incurred during car rentals. An administration charge of R 50 per fine is applicable for administration and payment of fines on behalf of a client.

3.     Insurance & Risk

3.1   The client is responsible for repair charges for damages sustained to a rental vehicle. A service and administration fee of R 250 is applicable for repairs to rental vehicles.

3.2   Accident, fire and theft (AFT) excess charges apply only in the event of insurable claims. An additional 5% is charged on AFT excesses and damages paid by credit cards.

3.3   An accident excess surcharge, as specified below, will be applicable in the specified circumstances:
   - An authorized under aged driver, as will be specified on the rental agreement: R 2500.00
   - Occurrence at night during the hours after 22:00 and before 05:00: R 2500.00
   - Travel on an unsealed dirt road: R 1500.00

3.4   The option of Maxi insurance cover may be withdrawn on the rentals of successive vehicles, in the event of damage or loss incidents with rental vehicles.

3.5   The following excesses apply for windscreen damage:

At Standard cover:                                          Total replacement cost

At Maxi cover:                                                 50% of claim subject to minimum of R 500

Other glass damage is subject to the normal collision & theft excesses as applicable to the selected cover.

3.6   An administration fee of R 1500 is applicable for successful recoveries from third parties, following accident damage of a rental vehicle.

3.7   In the event of authorized travel in neighboring countries, the client is responsible for all expenses associated with transporting an accident damaged rental vehicle back to RSA, in the event of accident damage incurring in neighboring countries.

4.     Payment & Sureties

4.1   Payments by credit cards, electronic bank transfers, cash deposits at ResQ Rent A Car's office or bank deposits, are conditionally accepted.

4.2   Payments and/or sureties are required to cover the full estimated car rental charges plus the applicable accident, fire and theft excess, tolling and refueling, subject to a set minimum per vehicle Group.

4.3   2.5% is added to the invoice value if payments are made by certain charge cards.

4.4   Car rental charges included in the agreement, are billed on delivery of the rental vehicle and if applicable, on receipt of notification of extensions. Long term car rentals are pre-paid and invoiced monthly...

5.     Service Hours

Office hours are from 08:00 to 17:00 from Mondays to Fridays, for office collections and -returns of rental vehicles, and from 09:15 to 15:30 for deliveries and collections of rental vehicles at other locations.

The following after-hours services charges are applicable for collections and returns of rental vehicles at the ResQ office outside of the standard office hours:

Monday to Friday:                                           07:00 to 08:00 and 17:00 to 18:00                          R 300

Saturdays, Sunday & public holidays:            07:00 to 18:00                                                         R 350

An additional after-hours service charge of R 350 is applicable for deliveries and collections at other locations.

An additional after-hours service charge of R 250 is applicable for car rental services rendered outside of the limits of the extended operating hours.